Saturday, 30 October 2010


Today has been ok, I slept in late so ideally would of liked to have had less calories but alas. I did 30 mins upper body workout burning nearly 100 cals. I have to go out for dinner as my boyfriend complains that we dont go out to eat much, and the last time we went was, shock horror, 2 weeks ago!! I just don't like to not be in control of how food is cooked, and not be able to judge the calories, also it is difficult to find vegan food. Anyways we are going to GBK and I am having the butternut squash salad without the cheese and dressing. Have no idea how many cals to count for it though!

Lentil soup
Sugar free jelly
2 bowls of rice krispies (evil)
peanuts and raisins
bowl of kale
Around 700, ideally that would be it, but I have to go out for dinner, I am not even hungry! grrr.


  1. yeh it's tough and you're never sure about estimations! i do a LOT of estimating. that salad sounds ok though. have a nice evening x

  2. Remember that those around you can't influence your caloric intake if you stay determined.

    I believe in you.