Monday, 4 October 2010

day 3 fail

Was going well at the start of the day, but I didn't have breakfast at my boyfriends so by the time I got home I was starving and there in the cupboard staring at me was a new bag of granola cereal and it was open! Dammit! I had a handful which was clearly an error, better off having none at all, anyway it triggered a bit of a binge, had several more bowls of cereal (unfortunately it is hugely calorific and full of sugar) which leaves me around 1800 for today already! Fail! I have burnt 200 on the bike, am going to do 45 mins of cardio which will prob burn another 150, go for a walk burning around 200 and possibly go for a run later, have to somehow salvage something out of the day.

Positives: I managed to stop the binge when I easily could have carried on!
Also I did not purge which is progress, I guess.

I'm going to start day 3 over tomorrow.


  1. Urghh granola cereal is a binge food for me too :( don't worry though, tomorrow is a new day! You can do this, just have to focus on your goal and stay positive. xx

  2. good job stopping the binge and not purging!

  3. cheers for stopping the binge&kudos to you for not purging. &my favorite workout ever i jumping jacks. they wear me out&burn lots of calories. stay strong, darling. tomorrow you'll do great.

  4. Good on you for finding the strength to stop the binge!! Thats a huge achievement! AND not purging!! You have the power :)
    All the best with tomorrow xxx