Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Fucking disaster. Epic.Fucking.Fail.
First few days went really well, probably did not eat over 1500 on any day and walked absolutely tons. Last few days have been atrocious. Not binging, just eating really large meals. Today and yesterday especially, I just gave up counting calories. bad.times.

Went back to work today, my work trousers that used to fit me fine, no longer do, depressing. To top it off one of my colleagues told me I'd put on weight in my face (yes I am aware of that, knob!) and another told me I looked healthy (clearly meant fat!). Anyways, I hope I wake up in the morning with the desire to change things and turn things around, I have about 6 weeks before a travelling reunion and I want to look like I did pre-travels.

Hope you are all doing good :)


  1. well im sure you'll get back on track now! :) no need to worry


  2. It happens to us all, you can fix it now though! Just keep moving forward and don't look back! Stay strong xxx

  3. Don't give up, love! Get back on track. :) Love you!