Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Nearly a week down

Almost a week of being vegan...not felt bad today, a few cravings which I did not give in to, great considering I've been home alone all day! Intake has actually been really low today, not intentionally it just has ended up that way, which is pretty encouraging, because I am just eating whenever I get hungry and I am eating what I fancy at that time, no plans, just sort of going with the flow, and it seems to be working. I haven't weighed myself this week which is another positive, though I think I will weigh either tomorrow or Friday morning, I am not expecting much due to last weeks binging, so if I weigh around the same as I did prior to the week of unhealthiness I will be reasonably happy.

Today's intake:
Porridge with soya milk and blueberries 180
Wholemeal wrap with houmous, tofu, pea shoots and lettuce 300
Banana with almonds 200
Tiny apple with cinnamon 50

For dinner I am having a serving of a veggie stew I made this morning using carrots, cabbage, leeks, onion, swede and a veg stock cube. It is only 100 cals for a big bowl and is lovely on these colder days :) I will probably finish up with some veggie jelly and strawberries.

Did another 30 mins cardio on the stationary bike aswell, which means todays overall intake is around 700 which is the lowest for a couple of weeks and is great because it was completely unintentional. Anyways I am off to work, hope everyones doing well :)


  1. aw sounds like youre doing fantastic! I hope you keep doing just as lovely(:


  2. Wonderful job on your vegan switch! If you are ever looking for tips or recipes, I'd be happy to share!

  3. intake sounds yummy:) xxxxxx

  4. i always feel so much better on a vegan diet.
    your veggie stew sounds so yummy!
    staystrong, page.