Friday, 1 October 2010

it was going so well...

everything was going really well, I had lost 4 pounds and was feeling great after a week of being a vegan. Then I had to go out with my family for a meal (none of them know I have turned back vegan because they didnt approve last time) the veganism went and so did the being healthy, even though I wasn't by any means on an obscene amount of calories for that day. Unfortunately the last 2 days have been really bad for me, massive binge today, managed to stop myself from purging though, which I guess is a feather in the cap. I will be back on form tomorrow, ready for a new day because I am so sick of this!

I am sick of feeling like a complete failure all the time, I am sick of wallowing in hopelessness. Its time to make a change and that is going to start right now.


  1. sorry doll. but you're smart&it sounds like you've found motivation again so i'm sure you'll be back on track. stay strong, darling.

  2. change is good! I know you can do it.