Sunday, 3 October 2010


Yesterday was a really good start, my intake was 500 (i had an apple after i posted) but I didn't do any cardio in the end as I had a bit of an upset stomach.

Today has been another good day:
Oatmeal made with water and with strawberries 150
Cabbage soup 100
Sugar free veggie jelly 10
Greengages 10
Could not get out of dinner with the fam so it was larger than I would of wanted
Sweet potato, small amount of stuffing, runner beans, broccoli, parsnips (No idea how much but I guess maybe 3-400)

Burnt 200 cals on the stationary bike so I guess somewhere around the 500 mark overall. Hopefully each day that goes by I will find it easier and easier again to have less food. Tomorrow is 300 so its going to be a tough one and I will have to spread the cals during the day. Thinking positive!


  1. cut the apple into smaller pieces, add some cinnamon, and snack on it every hour to half hour. :)

  2. sounds like you're doing pretty well. i do lots of weird things. i group things into 3's&i chew every bite at least 27 times. i also brush my teeth 2-3 times between meals. but that's just me. stay strong, darling.

  3. Hope your tummy feels better soon!
    Nice work with the cals yesterday & too bad about dinner today, but with the exercise it worked out ok :)
    Your stomach should shrink so you'll find it easier but it's a long diet so pace yourself.
    Stay strong xxx