Saturday, 2 October 2010

Good day

Had a great day, felt really positive this morning and have managed to continue that throughout the day. This was a pretty good achievement considering I was alone in the house when I woke up this morning, usually this is a cue to binge, but not anymore!

Intake for today:
Banana 100
Rice cake 40
Ryvita cracker 40
Hummus         50
Sugar free vegetarian jelly 20
Ryvita 40
Home made cabbage soup (i have no idea how many cals, guestimate 100)
Strawberries 10

Overall 400

Went for a 3 mile walk burning 184 cals, and I am going to do either some yoga or stationary biking later.

Massive headache so I'm trying to keep the water intake up.

Onwards to day 2.


  1. fantastic day! Keep it up!

  2. cheers for water. &for 400. keep up the good work, lovely. you're doing great. &i hope your head feels better.

  3. Nice work on the intake and exercise! Hope the headache disappears soon..
    Keep going strong- you'll see some great results :) xxx