Monday, 25 October 2010

New week

Onto day 11 of healthy eating, intake was a little higher than normal on the weekend but that was to be expected considering I was going out with friends drinking etc. Yesterday was 1350 and today 1150 which is great, I've done a 45 minute lower body workout which felt great aswell. I had a real craving for cereal this afternoon, first time in nearly 2 weeks which is good considering how obsessed with it I was, anyway there was not any vegan cereal in the house except a mini pack of nesquik (which I don't even like!) so I had that, it did satisfy the craving and I am happy with how the rest of the day went. It's the first unhealthy thing I have eaten in ages but I am glad it did not seem to trigger anything.

Today's Intake:
Porridge with peanuts and raisins 250
Wholemeal wrap with houmous, lettuce and tofu 300
Pineapple 50
Nesquik with soya milk 130
Banana with peanuts 150
Orange 60
Tomato and Basil soup 130
Apple 70

Done for the day. I start my new job tomorrow :) I am working 2 currently as I am completely broke post-travels. Working all day which is a good thing as I will better be able to control my intake in the day, just eating what I take with me, and it will keep me occupied and not thinking about food!

I took some measurements today for the first time since before I went travelling when I was a lot smaller, it was slightly depressing but at least I am heading in the right direction.

Bicep: 11 Inches
Chest: 34
Waist: 27 (most depressing as it was 23 before!)
Thigh: 22
Neck : 11

Will be good to see these numbers decrease the next time I check.


  1. Good luck on the first day of work :) & I always get cereal cravings too. I make sure to eat those fibre ones so it just goes straight out. Haha, :P!

  2. Well done on the healthy eating! When I get a cereal craving I have a low cal cereal bar, not sure if this would help you though. Don't panic too much about your measurements, keep at it and they will go down :) Think thin xoxo

  3. Don't worry- those measurements will be down in no time! Good job controlling the cereal and avoiding a binge- you're doing so well :) keep going! xxx

  4. good luck on the first day! and well done for those intakes x