Sunday, 17 October 2010

Good Weekend

Had a good day yesterday, intake was around 1300. I even cooked dinner for me and my boyfriend :)

Saturday Intake:
Porridge 135
Plum 30
Tofu 185
Lettuce 10
Watermelon 40
Peanuts and Raisins 180
Apple 80
Then I made vegan spaghetti bolognese with kidney beans which was around 650
Strawberries and sugar free veggie jelly 30

Today has gone well so far and I have done 30 minutes of cardio burning 120 cals, though I felt really drained during it, I have no idea why. I have had really bad pain in my wisdom teeth all weekend, I hope it goes away soon!

Sundays intake:
Porridge 135
Blueberries 25
Peanuts and Raisins 100
Rice Cake and Ryvita crackers 100
Houmous 50
Avocado 50
Olives 25
Lettuce 5
Tofu 100
Nectarine 60

Planning on having some sweet potato and veggies for dinner and some fruit if I get hungry during the day. Onwards to the new week :)


  1. Good job! Glad you had such a great weekend! Keep working at it! <3

    all my love,


  2. Good luck sticking to your vegan diet! I've been a vegan since January 2008 and I can attest that it is a great choice! Your body, the planet, and all of the animals will thank you :)

  3. You're going so well!! congrats :)
    I'm sorry your wisdom teeth are playing up- getting mine out was such a relief! are you planning on it? Hope you feel better soon xxx