Monday, 18 October 2010

New Week off to a good start

Today has gone really well, especially as I came home from my boyfriends around lunchtime and no one was home, normally this would cue a binge, but I just feel a lot stronger in the last few days. I feel like once I get going and start eating healthily again, if I can stick to it for one day I know I can continue doing it, it's just that getting past the first day hurdle, which I have managed to do this time. Anyway onto day 4 of eating vegan and eating clean, and of no calorie restrictions and I am feeling pretty good.

Today's Intake:
Porridge with blueberries cooked into it (Pink porridge is so pretty!) 180
Peanuts and Raisins 100
Wholemeal wrap with houmous, avocado, olives and lettuce, with some mashed swede and carrot on the side 280
Apple with Cinnamon 70
Fig with blueberries 40

For dinner I made a lentil curry with red lentils, chopped tomatoes and curry powder, for some reason the portion came out absolutely tiny, I have no idea as the lentils weighed exactly the same as they always do. It was nice regardless and only 150 cals. After I had a banana and some almonds which puts me around 1100 for today, I will probably have some sugar free veggie jelly later and I am going on the stationary bike for half an hour so will burn around 200 cals. Perfect start to the new week :)


  1. glad to see you're so chipper! :P
    your dinner sounds very yummy!

  2. Yum! your intake sounds great :) I'm so glad your feeling good- Keep up the wonderful work xxx

  3. Mmm, sounds good! Glad your week has been going so well! :)


  4. Wow, your food intake is sooo healthy!
    You're doing awesome :)

  5. your rite! its hard to get going but once the ball is rolling its hard to stop! very encouraging! stay strong