Tuesday, 5 January 2010

What about a maintenance day?

Very good day again, around 1000 cals. have been doing some cardio and also cleaned my boyfriends flat this morning, so put it around 850 probably. Also have been on my feet in work for 7 hours, so that should help too.

I was just wondering about your guys opinions on having a high cal day maybe once a week, just to keep my metabolism going? Thoughts/Opinions on this?

If my maintenance is 1600 calories should I have a day where I eat that amount say once a week? 1600 at the  moment seems to me like a scary amount of food. Right now I'm feeling like 1000ish is a massive amount, so I'm not sure whether I could manage 1600. It makes me feel really ill when I think about all the days over the last few months where I have sky-rocketed over that 1600 cals., absolutely gross.

I want to keep my metabolism going and in the long run perhaps having a maintenance day would pay off, but at the same time, I am positively terrified of consuming that amount of calories.

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