Monday, 25 January 2010

Missing in Action

My Self Control is M.I.A, if anyone has seen it, could they please return it to me.

I'm fed up of falling down now. I was 8st 5 this morning, I won't be staying there!

Today binge....Big cereal binge, I ate 9 weetabix, 2 bowls of alpen and a bowl of special k (NOT VEGAN!) Total complete Fail. I refuse to purge this time, as I don't want to let myself feel like I can get away with this, I need to see the damage and the effects so I won't do it again.

Cereal is the only real binge trigger food for me, and I really don't feel like I can have it in the house anymore, as much as I love it. Anyway I'm on around 1300 cals so far ! eek! I have to have dinner later aswell, so I'm going to do lots of exercise this afternoon, If i can get my overall intake to be under 1600 I'll be reasonably pleased.

Total fail day. I have only have 2 weeks left before I meet up with my uni friends, and I need to lose 5 pounds, so I'm going to have to work much harder.


  1. I know what it's like to have a big thing for cereal. It's the first thing I eat when I'm starving because my mind is all "oh some on, it's fine! low calorie and not fat"
    but then that turns into a hell of a lot of calories and carbs.

  2. I think my self-control ran off with yours.

  3. I thought it was weird to do cereal binges, but I guess it's actually very common! I do it too...
    I guess it's because it's very easy to purge afterwards.
    Serialcerealbinges SUCK.
    Stay strong!