Monday, 18 January 2010

Fucks sake

1600 calories....Not happy at all....No exercise....Super disappointing.

I hate this feeling. When I stop and realise what I have consumed and it is too fucking late, the damage is done. Now I have to wait until tomorrow to make it up. So annoying, I cannot will not keep failing like this.

I will use the last few days as say a rest period or a short break, designed to keep my metabolism high, hopefully now when I drop back into eating under 1000 again (from tomorrow!!) my weight will continue to fall instead of platueaing.

I need to exercise so badly, but my body is telling me its too soon after being ill, maybe I will just do half an hour on the wii fit or something..

I have just had travel jabs. I am going to south america in April so I thought I better get them started, now my arms hurt...ow!

Anyway, tomorrow will be better, because I refuse to settle at this weight.

 I will be thin.
I will be thin.
I will be thin.

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  1. i know what you mean, i had a chocolat brownie yesterday and still havent forgiven myself - living off mints & gum atm, i'll forgive myself eventually, just not yet.