Sunday, 10 January 2010


I weighed myself again today, it is almost like its completely unconscious, I'm not even aware I'm doing it, and then its too late. This is really ridiculous, I cannot even go a day without stepping on the scales. I am trying, really I am, but I just feel massively out of control when I don't weigh myself.

Today has been successful, around 800-900 calories, did not do any exercise though, as I'm still feeling a bit under the weather after yesterday, must have a bug of some sort. Was on my feet in work for 6 hours though, so hopefully burnt a little bit. I'm feeling really shattered tonight, my bed is calling...

1 comment:

  1. weighing myself is a dilemma.
    on days when i eat, i generally don't weigh myself. because it shatters me.
    on days when i restrict, i weigh myself obsessively - like every time after i pee...

    i hope you can manage to stick to what you want to do re. weighing yourself. but so many things we all do are so subconscious. habits.

    shattered is no fun. get a good sleep.
    much love.