Monday, 4 January 2010

Home Alone

My parents went back to work today after the Christmas break and my brother has been out most of the day, so I have been in the house on my own all afternoon, and I am pretty pleased with how I got on.

Usually everyone leaving would be a cue for me to binge (usually on huge quantities of cereal), and I was a bit worried how today would go, as its the first day I've been in the house alone since before christmas, but it has turned out fine, and I'm really proud of myself.

Total intake for today after dinner is around 900 cals. but I have been on the wii fit and been for a 3 mile walk so my total cals today would be somewhere around 600, which I'm really pleased with, considering I was left alone. Finally, I feel like I can move on from the binging. I feel like with each day that passes without me doing it, I will not only be closer to my goal, but also there will be less and less chance that I will turn back to binging.


  1. good work, girl!
    i tend to binge on cereal too...but seeing as i currently have no milk, it's not such a problem haha!
    walks are great, hey?
    and yes...being able to extend the time between binges is tends to get more disgusted with the though of food as time goes on.

    much love.

  2. good for you that's awesome! especially bc you managed it while home alone, an ever-present problem for me

    stay strong, stay inspiring!

  3. That's awesome, congratulations! And I know what you mean-- that I see time alone as an opportunity to binge is probably the sickest (and definitely the most worst) part of my ED.

    And FWIW, I read once that every time you choose *not* to binge you're reinforcing physical connections in your brain... so there's probably something behind the idea that every day you don't binge makes you stronger in the long run, too :)

  4. Yay for you!! I totally understand the binging when no one's home. I sometimes do that too. Thanks for following my blog! I'll be sure to follow yours! (: