Monday, 4 January 2010

2lbs lighter

Just got off the wii fit, and it informs me that I have lost 2lbs, which was that was my aim for about a week and a half from now, so I am really pleased. I am down to 8st 9 (121 lbs), so the next target is to be 8st 7 within the next two weeks, which was always a pivotal weight for me.

When I was at my lowest weight, I always thought of 8st 7 as my upper boundary, that if I reached that point, enough would be enough and I wouldn't gain any more, however I sadly let myself go way over that this summer. It's sad really, and in fact I am pretty furious with myself, because it took a huge amount of work to get down to 109 lbs and now I'm having to put all that hard work in again, but at least when i reach my goal of 105 I'll know that i've worked bloody hard to get there, and all the hard work will have payed off.

After going through all the effort to lose the weight for a second time, I can't really see myself being too eager to jump back into old habits, so hopefully I will be able to maintain at this lower weight.

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