Saturday, 9 January 2010


I gave in, had to weigh myself! After my mini-binge I am 120lbs, which is another pound lost, and so close to the teens :) I'm pleased with, but it could of been even better had I not had that setback this morning.  I think i'm going to try and weigh myself every other day, instead of once a week, its just too hard at first.

Just went for a long walk and about 5 minutes from home started to feel really unwell, came back and have really bad cramps and was really sick, don't know if this is food related or a bug of some sort. Anyway I shan't be eating for the rest of the day because of it. This will leave me around just over 1000 cals. minus the walking leaves me at around 850 not bad all things considered.


  1. i hear you, i used to weigh myself a few times a day&it drove me crazy. i'm still crazy, but i weigh myself every 2 days or so. good job burning 50 on a walk. that's 50 that won't stay with you. stay strong.


  2. binge doesnt even come close to describe me over the last day or so...

    your doing great i'm sure


  3. keep up the good work, ok? i need some inspiration, you know! :)

    and thanks for your comment...reminding me to just keep on going. i hope your "screw up" wasn't too bad and that you're feeling ok now. i'm feeling better today. less destroyed. your previous post about the concept of a maintenance day made me think. i may try it.

    much love.