Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Exhausted and hungry

Today has been pretty naff. I had a rubbish sleep, didn't actually go to sleep until long after 2am then woke up several times, at 6ish I could not get back to sleep, so I've just had a major headache and felt really sluggish all day.

The long awaited snow has arrived, so Britain has inevitably ground to a halt. I made the most of it, and made a snowman (I felt like such a kid again, we haven't had snow this deep since I was in primary school) and I hiked up the hill near to where I live, it was a bit treacherous but the views were stunning from the top.

I was trying really hard to make this another day of under 1000 calories, but i've just felt really hungry all day today, no matter what I have eaten or how much water I have drunk, I still feel absolutely starving. Im at around 1200 ish and I have yet to have dinner, so I'm going to make this a maintanence day, hopefully it will kick-start my metabolism, and I will aim to be under 1600 calories which I think I can manage.

I'm a bit disappointed because I've been doing really well, so I feel a bit of a failure today, but i'll just use this as a maintenance day and hopefully feel better tomorrow. As a side note, I haven't eaten anything really bad today just olives, nuts, and houmous have really racked up the calories....annoyed.


  1. you know what... after 5 days "hardcore" i literally broke the bathroom scales today...

    so who knows what i weigh


  2. Don't worry about it.
    One day of the week won't kill you.
    You're doing great. :]

  3. Hey
    WE GOT SNOW!!! YAY! :D
    Your doing great don't beat yourself up too much just believe in yourself!
    Im sure you will reach your goals
    2010 we will be skinny :D