Thursday, 14 January 2010


24 hour fast is over. Had to be done, I have felt awful the last week, so hopefully I have killed the bug off.

This evenings intake will be pretty low aiming for something around 300 cals. Originally I was not going to eat until tomorrow morning, but I figured 24 hours was enough, plus I am feeling incredibly weak now.

I honestly do not know if I could fast regularly...I've found it alright this past 24 hours, as I have spent most of the time in bed feeling awful. I do not think I could actually go about my normal daily life if I was fasting though.

Hopefully the illness will now be defeated, and I can get back into exercising again, right now I am far too weak to do anything.

I am going to gradually increase my food intake and the types of food I am taking in over the next few days. For today and probably tomorrow I am sticking to BRAT (Bananas, rice, apple, toast) apparently these are good for getting over a tummy bug, and then I will start to increase the variety of food by the weekend. Hopefully will have lost another pound by then.


  1. congrats on doing the fast! i tried but failed miserably. hope youre feeling better!

  2. Awww that sucks that you're sick :( hope you get better soon!

    Yeah I know what you mean about fasting, I really suck at it because I have low blood pressure so I get dizzy and light-headed quite easily. I would rather restrict and exercise than fast. I think it's something you have to train your body for, but you seem to be doing really well despite the sickness.. good work!

    Stay strong and start feeling better!