Saturday, 2 January 2010


Yesterday went well, I managed to avoid the cheesecake, and my overall cals. were around 1000 which I was pleased with considering it must have been massively higher than this the previous 2 weeks thanks to Christmas.

Today was going really well I was on 700 cals. for the day, however I had a bit of a mini-crisis when my friend in work, who is a vegan, brought me some vegan cookies and a vegan muffin that his mum had made for me. The gesture was extremely sweet, but sort of ruined my restricting for today as I failed and  ate them all :( I figured this didnt push my calories up to a massive high amount, prob around 1300 I guess, also I've been on my feet constantly moving in work for 8 hours so I figure that must have burnt off a little bit as well. At least the cakes are gone now, and they didn't trigger an all out binge which was good. However, if I was at home at the time, I definitely would have purged, being in work stopped me, which i'm glad about, because i bloody hate purging.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a pretty low cal day and I'm going to try and get some exercise in too, I think its still too icy to start running again, so I think I'll probably spend some time on the wii fit.


  1. good job on the cheesecake it sounds delicious. evil cheesecake!

    stay strong,

  2. Definitely evil cheesecake, thankfully there is only a small bit left, so i hope my family will polish it off today, then i wont have to look at it again :)