Friday, 22 January 2010


1600 calories for today was fine...2100 is not....epic fail....not even a binge...just randomly picking at stuff, this always happens when I work in the day, when I come home later.

At least it was not anything I would classify as bad food, it was just high calorie food: houmous, almonds, apricots etc....grrrr.

I'm starting over tomorrow, I feel like the cupboards are bare enough for me to be able to succeed (I seem to always find something else!) But not this time, I will not fail.

This last week has really set me back.

I need to be 8st by the 11th February, I am meeting up with uni friends and I do not want them to see me like this.

So, starting now...back to restricting. I hate food. Tomorrow I have to have dinner with the boyfriend which will be around 4-500 cals, so I'm going to try and get under 800. Wish me luck.

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