Friday, 8 January 2010

One week down...

So it has been a week since I turned Vegan and a week since I cut out bad food (cake, bsicuits, crisps etc) and to be honest it has been a pretty good week, after the hellish weeks of the past few months.

My average calorie intake has been 1000, which is a little high, but for the first week I can deal with that, I'll try and get it down to around 800 this week.

I've done pretty well with my veganism, I had one day when I really struggled and felt exhausted, but I've felt fine mostly, and have stuck to it really well on the whole. I have to go food shopping and stock up on vegan food though. I'm finding it difficult because I live with my mum and dad, and they've always been very accepting of my vegetarianism, but I have yet to tell them about turning vegan, I feel I will get a very negative response.

Ive exercised for at least half an hour every day, mostly wii fit as due to the snow and ice it is to dangerous to walk, let alone run anywhere, so I'm burning off around 100 cals. a day. I would like this to be higher, and once I can commence running again, it will be, although the bad weather apparently is set to last for another 6 weeks! Britain will be at an utter stand still by that point.

I'm attempting to give up weighing myself everyday, and finding it very hard, I really want to step on the scales, but I know it's for the best if I don't...Anyway week 1 down, onto a successful week 2.

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  1. I really want to get to that point where I only weigh myself weekly, but it's sooo incredibly hard when you are used to weighing yourself everyday :( let me know how you go with it. I'm thinking I might start off with weighing myself every 2-3 days and then increase it to a week maybe. So annoying!

    Good work on going vegan! I really want to go vegan eventually. I think I'll definitely remain a vegetarian for the rest of my life, but going vegan is something I could see myself doing in the near future. You're very inspiring! xx