Saturday, 6 February 2010

Would be fine alone

I think my problem is that I still live with my parents, so the house is always full of food. If I lived alone I could make sure that I would only have the foods I want as I never buy bad foods.

Today is not bad, not good either. On 1350, mostly fruit actually. I just want it to be under 1600 today. I am going for a walk now.


  1. i agree with you 100%! i live with my parents and brothers also and there's always so much junk food in the house! its not fair lol. if i lived alone, i wouldn't buy it and wouldn't have to worry about being tempted

  2. I agree too. During the height of my ED I was living alone. I couldn't have lived with my parents and had the ED. I now live with Andy and he watches me to make sure I'm eating enough, though I am very honest with him anyway. The idea of parents makes me shudder, lol.