Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Will start to restrict again soon

Everythings going ok, I have been eating really healthy and vegan, and am starting to feel really good, a lot better than I was. My intakes have been around what I should eat for maintenance but I have been exercising a fair bit. I think right now it is important for me that I don't binge, so I am just trying to eat when hungry and allow myself healthy food. I am thinking about doing the skinny girl diet but I am just not in the right frame of mind to do it right now, so some other time I will give it a shot. I have no idea how much I weigh but I can guarantee it is over 131 pounds...fail! I think I keep hoping for quick results and then slipping up because I am not seeing them. I need to decide whether I want to get skinny again the healthy way by continuing my healthy vegan diet (which will obv. take a lot longer) or the unhealthy way by seriously restricting again and fasting (which will give much quicker results). Maybe a mix of the two. Im not sure, my head is all over the place right now.

Todays Intake:

Porridge with rice milk and 2 small squares dark choc melted into it
A couple of almonds, brazil nuts and pecans
Basil tofu with kale and homous
Cous Cous
Homemade vegan shepherds pie (Veggies and lentils topped with sweet potato...delicious!) with cabbage, spinach and corn
Watermelon with seeds

Around 1600-1700...

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