Saturday, 6 November 2010

Doing ok

I gave up the fast in the end, I think it is highly likely that that would have led me straight into a binge, so instead of just decided to try and eat normally for a while and listen to my body. The last two days have been quite hard though, I have been so hungry, no idea why, so cals have been reasonably high at 1200 and 1600, not bad though, and no binges. Also I am detoxing and going back to my vegan diet so coming off all the junk, refined sugars etc is probably making me feel like I do, aka exhausted and cranky, I know the first few days are always difficult but once I get through them I will start to feel great eating clean vegan foods again and then I will start to think about calories, but right now I just want to focus on eating healthy and go from there.

Intake for yest:
Porridge with raspeberry and pumpkin seeds
Tofu with lettuce and avocado
Small bit of a banana
Lentil soup

Porridge with apple and almonds
Falafel houmous and salad wrap (From a wrap bar, it was pretty big, so guestimating calories at 700, although I only got one measly ball of falafel in it, stingy!)
Vegan sausages, spring greens and brown rice (Wouldn't normally have the rice, but just feel really drained, like I needed some energy)

Have been doing a lot of yoga lately, I am finding it really helps me, I feel so serene afterwards, I am considering doing it daily. I am also hoping to join the gym quite soon, I absolutely detest the gym, prefer to be outdoors, but I think its worth joining for the access to swimming pool, and all the classes, and also its a lot safer to be running on the treadmill in the winter.

Anyways how are you all doing? Hope everyones having great weekends. I am off to see some fireworks tonight.


  1. The way you're eating will probably cause you to have better results than if you starved to achieve your goals. But who ever sticks to healthy eating anyway?
    At least the food sounds delicious (and is healthy)!

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