Thursday, 11 November 2010


Fasting going well, just water and I am almost 12 hours in :) going to bed now. I have to stop losing control like this morning and I think stopping the purging is definitely the way to do it, I suppose eating 2000 calories all day is not the end of the world, just need to make sure it is less if it happens again. Anyway tomorrow I shall break the fast, if I am hungry I will have oatmeal before I go to work but if not I will carry it on for a bit longer and then have some homemade lentil and tomato soup. For dinner tomorrow I am making stir fry for me and my boyfriend, I will just have stir fry veg and tofu though, no noodles for me :) Saturday we are going out as it is our 7 year relationship anniversary! God where did that time go! I will try and order the healthiest vegan thing on the menu, and eat half of it. I am just going to keep this weekend as low as possible and healthy foods and then Monday start skinny girl, lets see how it goes. I am in a good frame of mind to start this right now, I feel enough is enough, really this time I feel super determined, I want to see the 120's again! Have good weekends.


  1. congrats on your anniversary! hope you have a lovely dinner :) and well done with fasting too xx

  2. Aww, that's so great that you've been with him so long! You'll do great this week. No problemo. <3
    Stay Superstrong <3


  3. You sound like you are doing really well and have a good plan laid out. Congratulations on your anniversary! Have fun celebrating :)

  4. Wow 7 years thats awesome =) im nearly 4 year with my boyfriend =)Also im new to blogger and looking for supporters if your interested I have a big journey ahead =)