Monday, 1 March 2010

119 Pounds

Okay so the damage of the last few weeks cannot have been as bad as I thought (I felt like I was around 126, but this is not so bad) However, I still managed to undo all of January's hard work in getting to 113 pounds, but March is a new month and I am more determined than ever to reach my goal.

Just been for a 3 mile run, it is a lovely day, going to continue with 3 milers this week, then step it up to 4 milers by the weekend, I have only 3 weeks until my 6 mile run now! I am getting a little nervous about it, I have never run that far before.

Intake for today will be somewhere between 1000-1200. Update later.


  1. wow a 3 mile run! I remember when I could still do that kind of running :) my shins split :( You'll get back down there, I believe! You sound determined and that's really all it takes! good luck little lady!

  2. im ready to begin running again too but the weather here is so crappy! hopefully, march brings spring!

  3. Thankfully the weather in the UK has taken an upturn, today was beautiful, fingers crossed it lasts.