Thursday, 25 March 2010


I've had an awful day, binged really badly, I think once I had gone over the 300, it was like well it's too late, might as well completely mess the day up. Also I purged, first time in ageeeeees, really disappointed. Anyway i've been thinking and I don't think there is anyway I am going to be able to carry on ABC without my family noticing, so I am going to do 2468 instead, i'm doing it in reverse though, 800-600-400-200. Starting tomorrow.


  1. sorry to hear you had a bingey and purgey day.

    your reverse 2468 plan sounds good, though! easier to do, i think.

    i binged today too...but i have no drive to purge, unfortunately/fortunately. i don't want the calories in my body. but i don't like the act of purging anymore. i used to love it. it used to cleanse me. but now i feel disgusting and dirty.

    what's your thinking on purging?

  2. I absolutely hate it, and i hate that i did it yesterday, it was the first time in a few weeks, i feel horrible about it.x