Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I am getting so fed up of this! Literally every time I am alone a binge starts...I can go a few days and then I fail again. I am really annoyed because i have wasted so much of this afternoon eating that i now dont have enough time to run before work.

The damage:
6 Plain digestives
1 Small bar of dairy milk
5 Tiny lindor eggs
A failed batch of pancakes
Some oats with golden syrup
Nutty cereal bar

I feel sickkkkkkk. not eating for the rest of the day now. Im pissed as today was supposed to be a 600 cal day. Im just fed up of starting over, making new plans and failing after 1 day. I used to have amazing willpower, I dont know where it went.

I feel like I am getting worse and worse. I think I am struggling with veganism, so I am going to start over more gradually, so this week I am giving up non-vegan cereals.

17 days with my birthday, need to lose 7 pounds by then, do-able for sure.

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