Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Day 2

Going well so far... ate the same lunch as yesterday which means I am on 200 calories, got up to 300 for dinner, which will be fine. Feel ok at the moment actually, not hungry or anything which is good, filling up with water and green tea is helping with that I guess. No exercise today, the weather is too bad, so I will run tomorrow instead. Have work tonight so that will keep me occupied. ABC starts to get hard tomorrow with a drop down to 300 so I guess I will have to figure out some low calorie meals, and decide whether I want to split the calories across the day or just have one meal...hmmmm. In other news i weighed myself, 124 pounds ew, I would like to be 120 by the weekend.

Had porridge for dinner with soya milk and a banana.
Then had some sugar free jelly and one strawberry.
About 525 calories overall. I feel very empty right now :) Cant wait to see some results.

Tomorrow is going to be difficult, im thinking either two 150 cal meals, or 100 cals and then 200 cals for dinner later, Im hoping to go for a run too, so if i do that then i might allow myself a few more cals.

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  1. congrats on doing so well so far. i hope you reach your weekend goal. i think you can do it. stay strong, darling.