Thursday, 25 March 2010

Day 3

Wow. Day 3 was supposed to be 300 calories, I am on 1500 and it is 9.30am! Shocking. I just felt really really hungry this morning, I am back at home, whereas the last two days I have been at my boyfriends, plus my mum has just been grocery shopping, cue no control around the cereal. Anyway I am not going to eat anything else today, and I am going for a really long run, my longest I usually do is 6 miles which burns just under 600 cals, so with that I will be on 900 still massively over target, so I am just going to go out and try and run as far as I can, perhaps I will go the gym after work this evening to burn the extra. I am annoyed at myself, because I was doing really well, and I was down to 122 pounds this morning, but I'm not going to stay negative or frustrated, its a mini-setback a small blip, and I will just get back on tomorrow and work even harder.

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