Friday, 2 April 2010

being ill = successful weight loss

What a week!! I have been ill since last friday with the continuation of
really bad stomach cramps, vomiting etc it has been awful. I have had several days where
I have eaten barely anything at all then the next day tried
to eat normal for it to come back worse! I had to go the doc
who said I have gastritis or food poisoning!
I feel like I may be finally getting over it, I've eaten a bit more
Today and managed to keep it down.

All in all its been a pretty horrible week, but the weight loss is definitely
Worth it!I think I've lost around half a stone in a week. Kind of feels like cheating
But it makes me more determined to carry on now. I want to lose another 3 pounds before next weekend,
It will help that I'm going away and expect there to be very little vegan food so should be a few
Low calorie days. Hope you are all doing great.

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